Colour Pom Poms Box

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Colour Pom Poms Box Supplying in India

Colour Pom Poms Box Manufacturers in India, Colour Pom Poms Box Exporter & Importer in India, Colour Pom Poms Box Suppliers in India, Colour Pom Poms Box in India. A tool where the client and supplier sit apart at one end of the world and the other at the other end. They can communicate the design of rugs by sending an email or message, and they can discuss all sizes and qualities, but when the issue of COLOUR comes from making high-class rugs, nothing can move unless you have any reference.

This reference can be in the form of fabric cutting which both have, or some paint colour codes, or anything in which a client and supplier have both the same. Many times they need to even see how the colour will look in a particular type of yarn, say in wool or silk. Here comes this Pom Box colour reference.

Colour Pom Poms Box Colour Pom Poms Box Colour Pom Poms Box Colour Pom Poms Box
There is a range of different colour schemes being used in making these pompom boxes. The range of colours in the box starts with 242 in wool and 320 in silk or say viscose up to 1200 different shades. So if the project is big and the client needs to see many colour tones, they should go with the biggest box of 1200 colours for making the selection of the rugs.

Here are the images showing the different colour schemes and boxes to make things more clear.